I started this project for a few reasons.

The first objective was a running personal diary of things I’ve cooked and don’t want to forget. The task of writing down the steps and ingredients of some dishes that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed is an important one as it forces me to really focus on the technique. Good food may start as jazz but great food is a symphony.

The second objective was to share these skills and passions with my family and friends and internet strangers. I’ve been inspired by dozens of chefs, food bloggers, and home cooks over the years. There’s no such thing as true originality when it comes to food….every idea or recipe is an evolution of something that came before it. This is why I have no problem borrowing or tweaking recipes from my culinary heroes and sharing them here. If a recipe is a blatant copy of something that’s been published previously, I will do my best to give credit.

The third objective is WHY NOT? There’s a lot of risk in doing things differently than others, but there’s inherently more risk in NOT doing them differently. What you see and read here is ME, and it cannot be any other way. I hope you enjoy.


PS: A running list of my culinary heroes:

  1. Andy Ricker
  2. Danny Bowein
  3. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
  4. Danny Meyer
  5. My Mom (cooks with love, and always inquisitive about what I’m cooking)
  6. My Dad (grill master)
  7. Anthony Mangieri
  8. Any line cook who truly gives a fuck while making $15/hour
  9. Anthony Bourdain
  10. Michael White
  11. Cristina (baking master and idea queen)
  12. Jonathan Gold
  13. Daniel DeWall